17 Tonne load shackle bundle

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The Scotload 17 tonne load shackle bundle contains everything required to immediately begin load monitoring. 

To purchase a complete load shackle bundle, please select your SmartLoad® software option below.

Please note: The USB base station dongles supplied with our bundles are currently out of stock on back order and will be shipped separately when stock levels are replenished.

Designed to be ideal for lifting and weighing application where there is limited headroom, Scotload's load shackles utilise wireless load monitoring pins mounted inside GN shackle bodies to offer a low-headroom weighing solution.

Our 17 tonne SmartLoad® load shackle bundle comes with Scotload’s innovative SmartLoad® technology, allowing operators to access accurate, reliable load data on any SmartLoad® handset, wall-mounted display or on a Windows computer using the free-of-charge SmartLoad® base station wireless USB dongle.

All of our SmartLoad® shackles come with a calibration certificate, one year’s manufacturer warranty, user manual and batteries to provide you with everything you need to start your operations right out of the box.

17 tonne load shackle

17 Tonne load shackle front view17 Tonne load shackle side view

Product CodesLoad rating (tonnes)Weight bow (kg)Weight D (kg)A mmB mmC mmD mmE mmF mm
9662 17 8.2 7.6 60 136 88 42 63 38
Product CodesG mm (B)G mm (D)H mm (B)H mm (D)I mm (B)J mmK mmL mmM mm
9662 146 127 249 230 99 304 200 100 119
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17 Tonne load shackle bundle
17 Tonne load shackle bundle