SmartLoad® Software

Scotload's SmartLoad® software is available from entry level viewing to advanced detailed analysis depending on your requirements.

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Logging software with long range (100m+) wireless USB dongle
Logging software with wireless USB dongle
Viewer software with long range (100m+) wireless USB dongle

Our intelligent SmartLoad® software automatically detects all load cells in range with no pairing required for instant display of results. With two options to choose from, Scotload can provide a data logging or analysis system to suit your load testing needs, including the ability to calibrate your own equipment. Results are automatically exported into Excel and reports are displayed in an easy to understand format for immediate sharing.

Viewer: This entry level option enables PCs to be used as a display and facilitates firmware upgrades to load cells and displays.

Logging: Adds load monitoring data logging functionality to the viewer software and can view multiple load cells at once.