200 Tonne wireless load link bundle

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The Scotload 200 tonne load link bundle contains everything required to immediately begin load monitoring.

To purchase a complete load link bundle, please select your SmartLoad® software option below.

The SmartLoad® wireless load Link is a tension load cell often used for under-hook crane weighing, load tests and cable tensioning applications.

The SmartLoad® load link bundles are available for capacities from 3.25T up to 500T and are supplied with one of our SmartLoad® wireless handsets and ruggedised storage/carry case as standard.  

All of our SmartLoad® links come with a calibration certificate, one year’s manufacturer warranty, user manual and batteries to provide you with everything you need to start your operations right out of the box.

For applications that demand data-logging for retrospective analysis and reporting, we also offer a range of software and PC base station options.

200 tonne load link

200 Tonne load link front view 200 Tonne load link side view

Product codeLoad rating (tonnes)Weight (kg)A mmB mmC mmD mmE mmF mmG mm
TEN 9259 200 122 730 340 170 133 180 370 N/A
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200 Tonne wireless load link bundle
200 Tonne wireless load link bundle