Running line monitor (RLM)


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Scotload’s Running Line Monitors (RLMs) have been specifically designed with line tension monitoring applications in mind. Our RLMs measure the real-time tension placed on a wire/rope whilst also identifying both the pay-out (distance) and line speed. 

Our SmartLoad® RLMs are available for a range of rope sizes from 10mm-100mm and a range of different capacities ranging from just 9t-200t, in both wired and wireless variants.

Please note: The USB base station dongles supplied with our bundles are currently out of stock on back order and will be shipped separately when stock levels are replenished.


Scotload's running line monitors' rugged design makes them ideal for operation in extreme environments, including both onshore and offshore applications and are available for a range of rope types including wire rope, synthetic rope, dynema, fibre optic and other cable systems.

Typically used in subsea, cable laying and winch operations to measure and record line tension, our RLMs robust design and leading wireless SmartLoad® technology makes it the industry leading running line tension monitor and asset management device for equipment.

Wireless Running Line Monitor

Model type

Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Model 4
Sheave sizes available (mm) 10-25 22-28 32-40 42-48
A mm 722 810 963 1028
B mm 250 270 297 331
C mm 62 90 90 95
D mm 601 785 899 936
E mm 112 146 148 153
F mm 162 186 188 193
G mm 95 95 95 95